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What do I use in the field?  Read on...

Nope, no Blackpigeon tactical vests here, no helmets, no Sure-Fire flashlights; just the stuff I need.  While it is great to see guys going all-out with their gear, I don't have that kind of money, and I'm looking to only carry stuff that will work for me, not something that would just get in the way or slow me down.  If you ever see a flashbang or grenade launcher with me at a game, rest assured that I will use it on someone...

I currently have two types of camo.  The first is German Flecktarn.  With that, I have a Swedish load-bearing set with huge pouches that also serve to protect my internal organs from 400+ fps guns that always seem to pop up ten feet away from me.  I usually carry spare magazines/ammo/gas on one side, and my sidearm on the other.  The packs and pouches make a loud "POK" when hit, but they provide protection at any velocity.  Wearing German camo has cut down on friendly-fire incidents ^_^.  I used to wear USGI Woodland, but everyone is wearing that these days.  With it I wore an ALICE suspender set, the Y-type.  I kept my sidearm and spare ammo in an old East German AK magazine pouch because I couldn't afford that nice Bianchi UM84 Beretta holster.  I hardly wear that uniform anymore since the Walther MPL looks better with the German camo anyways...

  Primary Field Guns:

Inferno GmbH MP5 K Pararescue II

Inferno GmbH 40mm "The Badger"



Yes, an MP5 K.  Before you laugh, she is upgraded, and does sport an extended inner barrel... throw on an MC51 stock and suppressor, and you have a compact SMG that's both quiet and accurate.

The other gun is a scratch-built 40mm grenade launcher that I call "The Badger".  I have three different barrel lengths (Field, Carbine, and Shorty) and half a dozen shells at my disposal with more on the way.

  Primary CQB Gun/Secondary Field Gun(s):

Inf.GmbH Benelli Field Combat M3

Inf.GmbH Walther MPL


A modded Benelli and custom AEG MPL, love this stuff.  The Walther has three UZI hi-caps to feed her, and she always turns heads at the field.



KWA S&W M945 Compact (GBB)

USP with extended CO2 magazine for the field, M945C with spare extended magazine for concealed carry.  No frills, only what works.


My KJW S&W Smith & Wesson NBB M6904 kicks ass. Or so I think.