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This page will feature a few items that I have up for sale/trade in addition to the usual custom work/repairs that I offer.  Payment is accepted via cash, check, money order, or Pay Pal.  Hawaii customers can save on shipping by picking up the items in person.  Special items will be featured in pics, enjoy!

Along with the stuff shown below, here's a few of the other goodies I have to offer:

Tokyo Marui M4 lower receiver, no cracks, trades intact.
(see pic below)

Misc. Tokyo Marui AK AEG parts.
(see pic below or e-mail for smaller items)

Misc. Tokyo Marui HGHU springer cylinders.

UHC Ruger 10/22 (GAS) bull barrel (pic below; this is for the barrel only, not the whole gun!).

SPRINGERS/EBB's: None at the moment!

LS LMG85-K AEG conversion. *SOLD*


Various Parts...

You know how it goes; play airsoft for a number of years, and you will inevitably end up with an apartment full of odds & ends.  This collection comprises about 1/4 of the stuff that always seems to be the basis of my g/f's arguments when it comes to cleaning the place up. Make her happy and buy something.  E-mail me with the part number & description, as well as what you'd like to know about it. 

I'll take cash, checks, money orders, PayPal, human souls, unwanted girlfriends/sisters, airsoft parts... you name it.

UPDATE: Sold items marked!

...and more various parts.

Buy something, I'm living with this stuff in a one-bedroom apartment!


UPDATE: Sold items marked!


Buy something already!