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Various types of Inerno GmbH custom airsoft work.

This is just a temp. page of misc. custom airsoft work... I have to set aside time to get a better-oragnized system up for all of this, so don't complain and just enjoy. 

Maruzen GBB MP5 K CQB Edition

I traded the Western Arms Gold Cup .45 for this little number, and it wasn't long before I started itching to mod her.  The first thing I wanted to do was install an "S-E-F" or "old style" lower receiver, but none have been made for this gun yet.  Out comes the Bondo, and a couple days & paint coats later I have transformed the stock lower into what I was after.  Now the fire selector (right side) doesn't dig into my finger when set to full-auto.  I then turned my attention to the stock-- or lack of, actually-- and decided that the MC51 pull-out would work best.  The local retailers didn't have them, so I searched on-line instead.  Bingo, shipped, from the Airsoft Retreat classified section.  Everyone I spoke to said it was of no use to put the stock on since it would have to be cut down to fit the shorter Kurz receiver, but I found a way around that; the stock closes almost all the way in, and can be pulled out to its full-length.  With the stock on and no sling mount, I replaced one of the receiver pins with the sling mount from a Marui Benelli Shorty.  An extra ring was added to the other side, taking up the slack in the pin and making for a perfectly balanced carry, with one hook attached to each side.  The gun came with the front sight shaved, so I'll be keeping the rail on until I can get a new one.  Finally, a three-prong flash hider from a Marui MP5 K PDW was screwed in place, and the result is the Inferno GmbH MP5 K Pararescue.  Perfect for you combat medics since she stays out of the way until you need her most, and the sliding stock will allow for decent one-handed shooting while ramming a Combitube down your patient's throat ^_^. 

LS NBB L85-A1 AEG conversion

This baby started out as an old-school gas gun, the Japanese LS L85.  I wanted to get more use out of the gun because the gas system never worked, so I figured a AEG conversion would be the next best thing.  I had a Ver.III mechabox laying around, and decided to use that.  Since the motor would extend past the receiver, I would have to come up with a way to disguise it.  That's when I got the idea to make this thing into a squad assault weapon, or SAW.  The motor housing could double as a grip for sustained shooting, and building a box mag would make for a truly one-of-a-kind weapon.  I also had a laser unit laying around, so I epoxied a housing for it under the handguard and mounted a switch just in front of the trigger guard.  A motor and basic gearbox were then built into the box magazine, and a remote switch hooked up to power the hi-cap in the box.  I then moved on to the scope, which not only lacked any magnification, but was poorly built and constructed entirely of plastic.  I removed it and mounted a rail in its place so anything from red-dots to scopes to flip-up sights could be installed.  I then used an old AK front sight to rebuild the chopped one. 

The final product was tested out at ASH Nanakuli.  Inside the Ver.III mechabox was a Systema polycarbonate piston, duracon piston head, spring guide, and metal bushings.  A Prometheus M120 sping powered each shot down the 470mm long KM TN 6.04mm barrel.  The resulting gun was putting .20's out to 200 feet easily, at a velocity of 397 fps.  The rear grip allowed me to shoot around corners without exposing much of myself, and the 800-round auto-winding box mag kept a smile on my face.  I did some tweaking that night, including replacing the low-amp electric trigger to one with a higher rating.  I took her out to a second game, this time at Combat Sims Nanakuli.  I used her for an ambush game, cutting down two guys before they had a chance to get into the fight.  For this gun, .25's and .28's are great since they cut through the foliage to get into sniper hides; for more open terrain, however, the lighter .20's provide the sort of spread you need to catch several people in a single burst.  This SAW is defintely a breed apart from the M16 HBAR and M249 SAW you're more likely to see at your local field. 

Marui AK47 AEG

This actually started off as a Beta, but with some internal modding, a longer barrel, a new cylinder, and some absorbant foam & rubberization, she chrono's 395/.20's and is dead silent beyond fifteen feet (no suppressor, either!).  I think more foam and a rubberized recoat will get her even quieter.  With .25's, she reaches out to about 180 feet.

Marui P90 AEG

I picked up this gun for $ 180, came NIB w/battery.  Not a bad deal-- I wasn't really considering one after trying it out, but when this one came along, the price was too good to be true.  I painted her green, added absorbant foam, and did some internal chopping to allow a 9.6V batt. to be crammed in there.  She does 290/.20's, but works really well with the .23's.  This little sweetie is even quieter than my AK, mostly due to the fact that the motor placement allows foam to be stuffed in around it and transfers vibrations through your body instead of the frame.  I scrath-built a magazine clamp so I could show off the standard mag, but never got to put the finishing touches on it.  I got a hold of an MP5 pistol grip, which I was going to use in place of the existing one (weird angle for me, that's why), but never got to install it.  I was also in the process of building an aluminum box with a rail on it to take the place of the red-dot-- I can't sight in with a full-face mask, so the new part would have allowed me to mount a scope on top... but I traded her for an M4-A1 (see below) before I got finished...

Marui M4-A1 AEG

...or as I prefer to call it, the M4-A1 Shorty.  Reminiscent of the DPMS Kitty Kat >^-_-^<, which is what I was originally going for.  I received this M4-A1 in trade for my beloved P90, and was disappointed, to say the least; the original full-sized gun had been painted twice, and whoever did it never bothered to strip the old coat off nor disassemble the gun prior to painting it!  It was a real mess.  I stripped down all the metal parts and coated them with a high-heat matte black paint, then threw them in the oven to cure.  Meanwhile, I nabbed an SR16 receiver set, had it engraved for kicks, then painted it.  To make her shorter, I scratch-built a free-float handguard, coated it and the grip with the Harsh Environment finish, and cut the barrel down to the size it is now.  The CAR15-style compensator was made from the existing barrel and porting holes were drilled (top left inset pic).  The inner barrel runs to the end of the muzzle.  Because the foregrip is free-floating, no direct contact is made with the outer barrel-- this means that motion from your arm isn't transferred, making barrel wobble almost non-existant.  See, the gun is capable of bearing the weight of the outer barrel; it's your arm movement that loosens the mount.  Stock extended, she's still an inch shorter than the AK Beta, and best of all, I can fit her and my AK (above) in the same case!  Battery is stored in a bag mounted to the stock, doesn't bother me since I can use a 9.6V/3000mAh.  As you can imagine, the gun is very versatile due to the flat-top rail receiver; the main pic shows the gun in field form, with two standard magazine clamped together and a Marui Pro-Scope (4X20) mounted (bottom right inset shows her with the stock out).  For CQB, I use a hi-cap and stick with the carry handle (bottom left inset pic) since most of the shooting is by reflex.  I considered rails on the foregrip, but I wouldn't use a vertical grip and I'm not big on the whole "SureFire/laser/M203/Masterkey-crammed-on-your-entire-forearm" thing.  Chrono's 378/.20's, 348/.25's.  I never thought I'd get another AR after my XM177 and CAR15, but that's hard to stick to when you start itching to mod something...

Marui Walther MPL Springer

Springer-to-AEG conversion, which took a ton of time, grinding, and cutting; the mechabox had to be chopped up a bit to fit, and the internal area practically ground down to almost nothing before everything would go together.  Despite the hacked-up mechabox, she can handle a spring upgrade, putting out 305/.25's and 345/.20's.  She fires full-auto only, true to the first MPL's put out by Walther.  The receiver is actually cut on the right side, allowing you to install a mini or stick battery inside once the barrel bushing and two screws have been removed.  An UZI hi-cap was modified to fit, which also involved some work on the magazine well, and the gun was coated with a special primer that helped make it look more "aged".  After silver dry-brushing was added to the "used" look, a stock from the Walther MPK was added.  The result is a truly one-of-a-kind AEG that you probably won't see another player with at the field...    


Andrew sent this gun to me for a little work-- it belongs to his brother, who was sick & tired of people telling him how ugly his FA-MAS was.  You can't blame them, really, because the FA-MAS does look like something you'd find being played in a marching band.  Well, first thing first, I chopped the top-- helped the profile a lot.  I then went about adding minor bits here and there, repostioning the sights and making them capable of folding down out of the way for storage or scope use.  I got rid of the notches in the foregrip as they were actually uncomfortable on the hands, and used some body filler to form a hump towards the front of it for a little more grip when removing it to change the battery.  An aluminum section was bolted & epoxied to the top, some sightes mounted to it, then the gun was given a paintjob-- the buttpad, grip, and forarm coated in a rubberized non-slip epoxy with the receiver done in a combination of matte black and metallic charcoal.  Not much could be done with the internals as I was unsure of just how the piston would hold up, so I added a fixed hop-up set for .20's.  Performance is sub-standard, your best bet is to get within 70 feet before shooting-- keep in mind that this gun was orginally intended to fire .12's.  I hope that this gun is somewhat compatible with the Marui one-- that way, if he decides to stick with it, we could use the Marui rear and mechabox and slap this front end on.  The Marui FA-MAS, although limited in available upgrades, would be a much better platform to work with... still, it looks decent now, and that was the primary goal from the outset.