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 Welcome to Inferno GmbH!

As some of you may have noticed, the original site, Inferno Industries, is down due to violations of the user agreement-- namely, me violating Freeservers' "Terms of Use", whatever the hell that's supposed to be... in any case, I'm assuming that they'll delete the old site for good, so update your bookmarks and prepare for, well, more of the (un)usual airsoft stuff...

 July 16, 2006

Okay, I have finally gotten around to re-arranging the crap in my apartment!  That means that I will be up & running again soon, but my backordered custom jobs will take first priority.  On the bright side, you can start e-mailing me regarding Benelli chop-jobs and other custom work again... the tools are being set up again, but the bed gets priority (turned the work room into the bedroom, and the bedroom into the work room).

So, what will you find on this site?

Well, those of you who have had the (dis)pleasure of visiting my first page probably remember the "how-to's", gun reviews, and crazy gun modifications... of course, that will change a bit with this site.  See, I had a ton of stuff stored on that page, and never bothered to back it up on my hard drive, so most of it--save the really recent pics-- are gone... oh well, it was about time I started over fresh anyways.  I'll keep the gun and gear reviews under a certain page, and all of the custom work-- both from Inferno GmbH and elsewhere-- will be given a page as well.  The "how-to's"?  Well, you guys lucked out-- someone had a copy of my site somewhere, so instead of sueing his ass off, I copied everything back.  I also added to it!  Enjoy!



How to contact me...

Okay, you guys can e-mail me for questions/comments/hate mail, just hit the link below. 

I need your e-mails like I need a mortal chest wound...

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Visit Badger Trust (formerly National Federation of Badger Groups) at to learn about how you can help support the badgers! 

Enlist in the United Badger Liberation Front to be a part of the militant response to DEFRA's actions-- no prior military/firearms training necessary! 

(Just kiding; there is no United Badger Liberation Front going around, bombing DEFRA Land Rovers and sniping their minions...)

I only do this because I love badgers; eat all other animals at will.

Inferno Industries Too!

That's right, there was a second site!  Check out Inferno Industries Too (sequal to the first) for tips on water-proofing rescue jackets, rocket-powered foam gliders, and some of the ugliest sea creatures around!

The other Inferno Industries page... (non airsoft)

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for anything stupid that you do just because you saw it done on this site!