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Sometimes you just need a little more firepower...

...sometimes you need something more than just an AEG shooting BB's in a straight line.  Maybe you need air-powered rocket system for bunker-busting, or maybe you need a grenade launcher that can get the job done while looking a lot more evil than your run-of-the-mill M203. 

Enter Inferno Heavy Industries.  From the Badger 40mm series to the 76mm RktWrf.05 to the upcoming 27mm semi-auto bullpup launcher, Inferno GmbH has a versatile line of heavy weapons that can handle everything from putting a 40mm Shower Shell in the palm of your hand to delivering air-powered rockets out to targets over 200 feet away.

Badger 40mm Launcher Series

Initially conceived as a stand-alone 40mm launcher system, the Badger 40mm has evolved into a line of grenade launchers that deliver their payloads from both handheld and shoulder-fired system, for both field and CQB use. 

The Badger Field Gun is a breech-loaded shoulder-fired 40mm that uses a simple striker system, shaving vital seconds off of reload times-- something that has plagued conventional stand-alone M203 units. Cocking the striker also opens the breech; and with that simple action, the Badger is ready to fire. The barrel system on the Badger is interchangable, and barrel swaps can be performed in the field in under a minute. Field (38"), Carbine (24"), and CQB (13") lengths are available to suit mission demands, be it scaring the hell out of the other team to room clearing. Unlike conventional M203 systems, the Badger Field Gun can also accomodate a wide variety of shells. A gun this big may seem awkward to wield, but even with the full-length Field barrel in place, the entire system weighs under seven pounds. Rails mounted to the heatshield and below the barrel allow users to mount everything from tactical lights, grips, bi-pods, or even other launchers. 

The Badger Cub is a tilt barrel breech-loaded sidearm. Shorter than a Desert Eagle, this 40mm weapon can easily be carried on your vest or in a cargo pocket. The tilting barrel pops up to make reloading effortless while adding a bit of flare to the game. Once secured, the barrel is practically impossible to open, and the Badger Cub can be safely carried with a loaded chamber thanks to the half-cock position on the hammer.  Unlike other compact launchers, the Badger Cub uses a hammer and striker system, eliminating the need to manually push a rod to discharge your shell.  Constructed from aluminum and wood with a lightweight styrene-core ABS barrel, the Badger Cub is an excellant choice for anyone looking to add a little more firepower to their loadout.

Lone Wolf 40mm Tactical Launcher

The Marui Tactical Launcher is a black sheep; shotgun fans don't care for it because the stock makes it hard to shoulder and the barrels are shorter than those in a SPAS 12 or Benelli M3. Grenadiers don't care for it since it doesn't fire 40mm shells. Airsofters in general don't find three tiny holes at the end of an otherwise plugged barrel to be very appealing. Inferno GmbH came into possesion of one of these bastard guns and converted it to true 40mm format. Now she chambers and fires MOSCART,CAW, Mad Bull, G&G, and GP gas shells, with much more impresive results than the original. Compact enough to carry in a ruck with rails for optics and lights, the Lone Wolf launcher fits the bill for those looking to add some firepower to their team or even run as a grenadier.

76mm RktWrf.05

Sometimes a 40mm shell ain't gonna get the job done. Maybe you need to defilade that round over a hill or from a trench to hit a bunker or vehicle, and with a determined team of defenders and 200 feet of hostile ground to cover, getting in close just ain't gonna happen. 

Enter the 76mm RktWrf.05: shoulder-mounted, red-dot enabled, air-powered-- what isn't there to love? The pump will save you HFC22/134a for your sidearm, and with spare rockets readily available, you'll be shooting all day. Vehicle-sized targets at 200 feet are no problem, thanks to the adjustable red-dot sight. With no smoke tail or heat signature, hit & run bunker busting has never been so survivable. This lightweight 76mm is easy to aim & fire, and can be reloaded and pumped from almost any position by one man alone. The pressure gauge will tell you your estimated range in feet, taking the guesswork out of the equation.