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Remember the "Other Guns" page from the old site? It's back! (sorta)

That's right.  "Sorta".  This page will feature guns that I currently own or that I used to own as well as those that I have worked on.  Everything from simple paintjobs to full-on custom work can be viewed here...

The AK451-- then and now: the first one (2000) had a Benelli foregrip, scope mount, black stocks, and a MAG-LITE for a suppressor; the 2004 AK451 II is pretty much the same, but has olive drab paint and a PSG1 outer barrel that houses an SG1 6.04mm tightbore.

Marukoshi SIG P210. One of the few springers that can be cocked & fired with one hand. Pulling the trigger fires the round and recoils the slide; you can push it forward with your thumb, compressing the spring and loading a new BB.

The AK451 Shorty Standard with '74 muzzle; two were built & sold in 2000.

Tanaka SIG Sauer P228, first purchased in 2000. Someone slap me for selling this gun...

M4 Shorty and SR16 Practical Combat, featuring custom-built free-float handguards. Both built & sold in 2003.

M1-A1 Thompson "converted" with real-steel foregrip and modified Korean drum magazine. The first magazine of this type was built using an AEG standard and Korean springer drum back in 2002. The darker, glossier drum shows how it looks prior to modification.

Marui Tac Launcher springer converted to fire gas 40mm shells. Great sidearm! Traded in 2005 for an upgraded MP5 K AEG...

AK451 side-folder model, with Krinkov muzzle and HE Coat applied to the furniture. Built for a local customer in 2004, from an AK47-S. A scratch-built grenade launcher was built and added on a few months later.

Here's an AK that I installed a metal body, GP-25 grenade launcher, and real `74 stocks on; the grip is the original Marui, with checkering molded on and some reshaping done to look more like the later type.

Two Marui spring-powered XM177 rifles; the top one is the first flat-top I ever did on a springer Armalite, and I used her in two AEG-dominated games before she was sold in 2003. The lower pic is the most recent one, being completed in 2004; she's a true flat-top with a receiver-mounted rail, and the stocks were given the HE coat. She shoots 245/.25's, and has a special Thermold-style magazine built from an AEG hi-cap.

I converted my old LS L85-A1into an AEG; the LMG85-K... complete with auto-winding box mag and laser sight!

MP5 K Pararescue, built in 2004 from a Maruzen GBB MP5 K CQB. Scratch-built S-E-F lower and features an MC51 stock.

Old-school Marui Steyr M-GB, retrofitted with hop-up and a 7.5 inch inner barrel. Traded in 2003.

AK451 II, with FAL front end and desert camo. Built in 2003.

Ruger Mk.II SD; basically a KJW Ruger with SOCOM suppressor attached to some concealed 14mm threads and a redone trigger guard.

AK with metal body and `74 furniture installed; the pistol grip was reshaped and checkering added to look like the `74 style.

Perhaps the shortest Benelli built, the Mad Shorty with folding stock. Built in 2003 from my original Benelli, she was eventually scrapped due to age.

The finest springer in terms of detail: the Gunze Sangyo Grizzly Winchester Magnum. Fully adjustable sights, field-strippable, working slide catch and grip safety, rubber grips, and simulated cartridges in the magazine. Even the magazine floorplate is engraved with the make and caliber...

My Benelli in her prime, at a Kaneohe area field. First purchased in 2000 from Eurosport, I chopped her the same day I bought her.

The USP-- then and now: I bought my first Marui USP in 1997, painted her and added adjustable sights; the 2003 USP has a more practical OD paintjob and features adjustable hop-up.

Benelli CQB-- then and now: the 2001 model was a chopped Benelli that featured a Beretta 93R folding stock; the 2003 model uses the Shorty for a base, has Thompson Ceneter Hi-vis sights, a tactical light on the pump, and a side-folding Zytel SKS stock.

Marui spring-powered Walther MPL converted into an AEG; uses UZI hi-caps. I will probably never sell this gun...

CAR15, originally purchased in 2001, retrofitted with A1 stock and the wider Benelli foregrip. Sold in 2003.

Two Marui Centimeter Master 1911's after some modding and paint; the compact can still take the full-sized 30-round magazines.

My old UZI: simple, rugged, and beautiful as hell. Sold in 2002.

Western Arms Beretta Centurion "Solid Slide" variant, sold in 2002.

My KJW Ruger Mk.I "Practical" shown with a stock Mk.I.

Marushin "Secret Agent Series" NBB Walther PPK/S after a nice coat of paint. Purchased from the now defunct "Excess Power" store for back in 2002. Below it is a Hap Dong springer PPK/S, also from Excess Power; the gun has black grips, silver frame, charcoal slide, and shoots very well with .20's!

Chopped Desert Eagle and Ruger "Tactical", both spring-powered. The Ruger was built using several USP parts, and was converted into a field-strippable gun. Both built in 2001.

1988 vintage Western Arms Colt, repainted and retrofitted with hop-up and threaded muzzle. Traded her in 2004 for the Maruzen MP5 K CQB.